Our Services

Our primary focus is producing high-quality, competitively-priced prototype and production foundry tooling for aerospace and commercial applications. We believe that our experience, technology, and attention to detail make us the premier supplier for foundry tooling.

Foundry Tooling

TMI is an industry leader in pattern tooling used for aerospace and commercial applications. We pride ourselves on dependable products that deliver accurate results. Through the years, we have developed tooling for some of the most complex programs in the aerospace casting industry.


We aim to achieve top quality and highly accurate parts whenever we take on a machining project. 5-Axis machining helps us attain these goals and meet critical deadlines. Our machining department specializes in complex parts with low volumes and has experience machining a wide range of metals and plastics.

Value Added Services

TMI is a full service shop and offers several value added services to our customers. We can validate dimensional and metallurgical accuracy through our various inspection services. We also provide many secondary operations in an effort to reduce costs and lead times of your projects.


Our Fixture Department can design and manufacture various types of fixtures specific to your needs. Our fixtures improve process repeatability and, ultimately, part accuracy. Many fixtures are built in parallel with your tooling to ensure your delivery schedule remains intact.


If you are looking for prototype or low-volume production parts with properties similar to that of production molded plastics, we can help you. We have the ability to produce molds from many different methods and materials to get parts in your hands without the large costs associated with production molds.

The Technical Methods engineering staff has the experience necessary to develop the best casting/molding methods to meet your needs.

Our attention to detail and devotion to on-time delivery are key to ensuring your complete satisfaction.